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My shadows cursed but there's still light
To have an absent mind or bury myself in my head;
What's the difference?
I told myself to keep my head on its shoulders
and not in the clouds to stay rational
This misery's killing me I've got nothing left to lose
My soul, my mind, my body are breaking down
This misery's killing me I've got nothing left to prove
My faith, my hopes and dreams are falling apart

(I can't believe)
To say that it was unbearable
(Lost in motion)
is a thousand degrees too tame a word.
(Straight off the edge )
With the sands of time
(And I will astray)
culminated into years

My hopes weren't made by miracles
My faith, it can't remain
The familiar stance I once knew
Time is not on our side
Race against the clock
My patience and love is wearing thin

Do you feel contented
(but this is all I have)
forging new memories to rewrite ours from the start?
(I've got nothing left)
Not once or twice, but more than I could ever fathom
(but this is all I have)
Can you feel?
(I've got nothing left)

I think about you but I don't say it anymore
Do you still remember? During all of those deserted nights
Emptiness corresponds with doubt
You can only imagine what lies in my closet,
besides skin and bones
My silent compassion never crossed your mind
but i guess, time heals the broken

No, I'll never feel the same way as before
I'll let you know that I'm doing fine without you

I'd rather gather a love that is true
Something that is so profound
A fervent love I desire the most
Will there be an end to this?
How do we conclude this?
I've reached to a point of no return
Besides my chest burning on the inside
Now I shall remain

We've come so far to watch it all fall apart
Turn a blind eye and I'm up to a blind alley
I'm off on the wrong foot, but it's all said and done
I would rather bite my tongue
because my eyes speak these words
For the moon that never beams without bringing me dreams
Love knows its own depth
Guess mine was thrown into the abyss

And if I knew right from the start
I wouldn't come this far to build a love that was vacant


from Fathom / Empty Shell, released July 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Tides Singapore

5-piece emotionally driven melodic hardcore from Singapore.

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